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Current business

MBA MODE produces high quality carefully crafted handmade African print Dolls. Addressing the issue of pollution by using pieces of fabric wastage. Our 360 production looks at the use of fabric, wastage, rethink waste, recycling the pieces of fabric waste and using them to reproduce African Dolls.

Our innovation concept

  • MBA Mode Ghana Limited aims to enhance African Dolls with digital communication functions.
  • The dolls will share insights on Ghana’s culture and heroes, fostering cultural awareness and learning.
  • The production process will shift to a specialized unit using advanced industrial machines for mass production.
  • Sustainable and recyclable materials will be explored for eco-friendly doll manufacturing.
  • Positive Impact:
    • Increased production efficiency and capacity.
    • Expanded customer base with interactive features.
    • Encouragement for further innovations.
    • Potential for higher profits and market leadership.

What problem / societal challenge is our innovation concept solving from the perspective of our paying customers and end users?

  • The Advanced Interactive African Dolls, addresses the societal challenge of cultural education and awareness.
  • By incorporating digital communication functions that share insights on Ghana’s local culture and historical heroes, the dolls provide an engaging and informative play experience for children.
  • This innovation meets the desire of paying customers for educational toys while promoting a deeper connection to heritage and fostering cultural understanding in society.

What Research and Development (mandatory) is needed for our innovation?

  1. How can we effectively integrate digital communication functions into the African Dolls to ensure a seamless and interactive user experience for children while sharing accurate and culturally relevant insights on Ghana’s local culture and historical heroes?

  2. What are the most suitable and sustainable materials that can be used in the production of the Advanced Interactive African Dolls, considering factors such as environmental impact, safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness?

  3. How can we optimize the manufacturing processes and assembly lines in the specialized production unit to efficiently mass-produce the dolls without compromising product quality, ensuring they are accessible to a broader customer base?

What and how big is the impact of our innovation concept – SDG goals?

Our production is aligned with SDG Goal 3, 4, 8,10, and 12 which is stated below: 

  • Good health and wellbeing

  • It ensures exclusive equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all.
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Addresses inequalities within and among countries
  • Ensures sustainable consumption and production patterns

What technical expertise do we need to develop a successful innovation? What are the associated technical research and development questions?

Technical Expertise Needed:

  • Electronics and Embedded Systems: Integrating digital communication functions into the dolls.

  • Software Development: Creating interactive content and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Material Science and Engineering: Selecting sustainable and child-safe materials.

  • Mechanical Engineering: Designing the doll’s physical structure and mechanisms.

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UX Design: Ensuring intuitive and engaging interactions.

  • Manufacturing and Production Engineering: Establishing a specialized production unit for mass production.

  • Environmental Science and Sustainability: Evaluating environmental impact and promoting eco-friendliness.

Research and Development (R&D) Questions:

  1. How to ensure smooth and seamless user interactions with the dolls’ digital features?
  2. What eco-friendly and child-safe materials are suitable for the doll’s production?
  3. How to optimize mechanical design for efficient production and durability?
  4. What design considerations are essential for creating an engaging user experience?
  5. How to establish a specialized production unit to meet mass production demands
  6. What environmental practices and certifications can be adopted to promote sustainability?

What economic and commercial expertise do we need to develop a successful innovation? What are the associated economic and commercial research and development questions?

Economic and Commercial Expertise Needed:

  • Market Research and Analysis: Understanding customer needs, market trends, and competitive landscape.
  • Business Model Development: Strategizing revenue streams, pricing, and distribution channels.
  • Financial Planning and Management: Budgeting, funding, and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Marketing and Sales: Branding, promotion, and market adoption strategies.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Efficient production, sourcing, and distribution management.
  • Intellectual Property and Legal Compliance: Protecting innovations and meeting regulatory requirements.

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