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Current business

At Eazz Foods, we guarantee more ready market for poultry farmers by processsing their produce (Eggs) into powdered form for various customers.

Our innovation concept

Develop a cutting-edge Mobile Renewable Energy-Powered Egg Drying Truck that transforms egg farming. This innovative solution combines renewable energy technology with advanced drying techniques to optimize egg processing, especially in remote locations. 

  • Significantly decrease transportation expenses by processing eggs on-site.
  • Minimize egg damage during transit, ensuring high-quality products.
  • Enable egg suppliers in remote areas to participate in the supply chain.
  • Maintain a consistent output of dried eggs, stabilizing the market. 

What problem / societal challenge is our innovation concept solving from the perspective of our paying customers and end users?

  1. Limited Access to Processing: Small farms can’t process eggs well because they don’t have good facilities nearby.

  2. Wasted Food: Eggs go bad too quickly because due to short shelf life, leading to a lot of wasted food.

  3. Increased eggs damage during transportation: High egg breakage during transportation resulting in low sales revenues

What Research and Development (mandatory) is needed for our innovation?

  • Optimizing Renewable Energy Integration: How can we effectively integrate solar panels into the mobile egg drying truck to ensure a consistent and reliable renewable energy supply, even in varying weather conditions and locations?
  • Enhancing Drying Efficiency and Quality: What advanced egg drying processes and technologies can be developed to ensure optimal moisture levels while maintaining egg quality during on-site processing within the mobile truck?
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: How can we design a robust remote monitoring and control system that enables farmers to access real-time data on drying parameters, energy consumption, and egg quality, allowing them to make informed decisions and adjustments from a distance?

What and how big is the impact of our innovation concept – SDG goals?

By estabilishing this model we will help fulfill 4 of these SDGS

  • No Poverty: That is we will ensure farmers do not lose their investment in the business and create more jobs
  • Zero Hunger: That is we ensure food security.
  • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure.

What technical expertise do we need to develop a successful innovation? What are the associated technical research and development questions?

  1. Engineering Expertise:
    • Product Design and Development: Experienced engineers to design the mobile freeze /Spray drying unit, considering factors like size, weight, material selection, energy efficiency, and functionality.

  2. Food Technology and Nutrition Support:
    • Food Scientists: Experts in food technology to analyze the impact of drying on egg quality, nutritional content, and shelf life to ensure the end product meets safety and quality standards.
    • Nutritional Experts: Dietitians or nutritionists to assess the nutritional value of freeze dried/Spray dried eggs and provide insights into potential improvements.

  3. Data Analytics and Monitoring:
    • Data Scientists: Experts in data analytics to design and implement a monitoring system for the mobile freeze-drying units, collecting and analyzing data to optimize performance and efficiency. 

What economic and commercial expertise do we need to develop a successful innovation? What are the associated economic and commercial research and development questions?

  1. Business Model Development:
    • Revenue Streams: Identifying and strategizing various revenue streams for the innovation

  2. Marketing and Sales:
    • Branding and Positioning: Expertise in developing a strong brand identity and positioning your mobile freeze drying/Spray drying unit in the market to attract customers.

  3. Intellectual Property (IP) and Legal Expertise:
    • IP Protection: Ensuring that the innovation and any associated intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights) are adequately protected to prevent infringement.
    • Contract Negotiation: Skill in negotiating contracts with suppliers, distributors, and other business partners to secure favorable terms and protect your interests. 

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