Category Waste management and logistics


WASHKING is a sanitation social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana. It makes, supplies and installs environmentally-safe, accessible and affordable biodigester fitted toilets for low-income and underserved urban households and institutions. The toilets are built locally by local artisans and using regionally available materials. The WASHKING technology uses aerobic decomposition and locally produced safe- worms for digestion. In addition, the treatment system separates effluent and turns it into safe water for agriculture or landscaping. Flexible payment terms, training on hygiene and after-sales services complements the package.

Green Construct ALS Ghana Limited (GCALS)

GCALS specializes in upcycling alum sludge from water treatment into a construction binding material called calcined alum sludge. This material is used to create sandcrete blocks (CSEB), serving as a sustainable substitute for up to 20% of traditional Portland cement in block production. The aim is to develop an eco-friendly alternative to clinker, the primary raw material for Portland cement. Additionally, the product will be refined to act as a versatile tile binder. The company plans to provide services like "Quick Credible Testing" and "Customised Advisory on Improved Recipe" to enhance quality and standardization. This innovation seeks to replace clinker in cement production and offer an efficient tile binding solution.